216x3mm Gold Buckyballs Neocube Magnetic Balls Toys


Gold Buckyballs (Neocube) 3mm is the basic form of all other our bucky balls. Buy the cheapest (same quality as the other neocube) and relax and play with your 216 amazing small magnets. It’s very simple to have fun with a buckyball - you just can demolish it within your buckyballs and place it back again jointly effortlessly.

NeoCube Features

  • Size of this Buckyballs (Neocube) - 3mm (Magnet Grade: N35 best Grade to have a good game play)
  • The Bucky balls are an excellent invention, come on and get addicting to this magnet toy. Easy way to reduce your stress factor and get a funny feeling.
  • All our Bucky Ball Sets (Neocube) have passed the SGS-Safety Test

Your Buckyball Package contents

  • 1x Set (216pcs of buckyball magnets) / size 3mm
  • 1x Metal Giftbox