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216x4mm Nickel Buckyballs Neocube Magnetic Balls Toys

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This Nickel buckyball is the original version of the buckyballs, blank without any coating or other colors of the bucky balls. But you can combine it with other color version of neocubes. this 216 magnet balls can erase stress and get you a smooth mood. You have a ton of different combinations you can make – many un-/ symmetrical and full of patterns. All NeoCubes are pretty powerful, and when you tug at them, the bucky balls almost react a bit like string – they peel apart and slowly.

Our Neocube is a good toy with many benefits for kids (14+) and adult too. It is a brandnew kind of puzzle with more then thousand solution which have other traditional puzzle game. The small magnet ball you can mold in your hand, make some wonderful shape, create interesting geometrical 3d designs for example - just make from them holder for your pen.

Features of our Buckyball (NeoCube) white/nickel

  • Size of all Buckyballs Magnet Balls: 4mm / Magnetic Grade: N35 (The ideal diameter and grade to have a amazing game play)
  • Three coats of solid metal (nickel-copper-nickel) do safe your neocube
  • Standardly all our NeoCube Sets are passed the SGS-Test for product safety - so it is secure!

This Buckyball Package contents

  • 1x Set of 216pcs of NeoCube magnets / size 4mm incl. a metalbox