216x5mm Blue-Green Buckyballs Neocube Magnetic Balls Toys


Buy an colorful blue-green Buckyball (NeoCube) and geht one of the fascinating toys - but it’s is not only for kids, also adults can have a lot of fun with the magnetic balls. Create different kinds of shapes and designs - billions of objects are possible! These powerful NeoCube are available in different colors and size - for example buckyball silver, blue, green, red and some more. We are sure that you have a lot of fun with this toy. Build different geometrical objects it’s not hard to sculp your ideas! Our Buckyballs are made with high-quality neodymium, which is a rare-earth magnet commodity. The metal giftbix includes 216 magnetic balls. Unique for endless hours of fun.

Blue-Green Buckyballs (NeoCube) Feature

  • Size of these Balls: 5mm / magnetic Grade: N35 (The best diameter and grade to get the best results if you play with them)
  • Our BuckyBall are high quality - all were made with three coats of metal (nickel-copper-nickel/blue-green)
  • All our NeoCube have passed the SGS product test - so it’s a safe product

This Buckyball blue Package contents

  • Set of 216 blue-green buckyball magnets / size 5mm incl. a metalbox