216x5mm Gold Buckyballs Neocube Magnetic Balls Toys


These are one of the coolest magnetic balls - our Buckyball (NeoCube) Gold is an extraordinary entertainment device like no other in the world. The Cubes are incredibly strong. One magnet ball (complete set of a neocube) holds the weight of the entire 216 ball set. They are great to pass time and come up with tons of new patterns.

The Bucky Ball is ideal for many hours of fun in gaming, for the overt expressions of creativity, in providing you with much needed stress relief, along with brain stimulation and more. The Buckyball works as an great educational tool for kids and is an amazing innovation to encourage each child.

Our BuckyBall comes in an attractive metal gift box and you also get a handy carry pouch. This Magnetic Balls are an ideal gift for all ages - your friends want to have one too.

Features of Buckyballs (NeoCube) Gold

  • Size of Magnet Balls: 5mm / Grade: N35 (The best diameter and grade to have an amazing game feeling)
  • High Quality - three coats of metal (nickel-copper-gold) do safe your buckyball set
  • SGS-certificate! All our NeoCube Sets have passed the SGS product test

This Buckyball Package contents

  • 1x Set of 216pcs of NeoCube golden magnets / size 5mm incl. a giftbox