216x5mm Metallic Black Buckyballs Neocube Magnetic Balls Toys


Have you the Hype about Buckyballs & Neocube? These tiny magnetic balls is a challenge for everyone. A Buckyball have 216 small magnetic spheres that may be shaped and reshaped into countless billion forms. Type it right into a fantastic cube, or make a pyramid or other objects the options are endless. Neocubes and Buckyballs are surprisingly strong for their size. Because BuckyBalls Magnetic building toys are really that cool.

Black Metallic Buckyballs (NeoCube) Feature

  • Size of these Balls: 5mm / magnetic Grade: N35 (The best diameter and grade to get the best results if you play with them)
  • Our BuckyBall are high quality - all was made with three coats of metal (nickel-copper-lightgreen)
  • All our NeoCube have passed the SGS product test - so it’s a safe product

This Buckyball Metallic Black Package contents

  • 1x Set of 216 Metallic Black buckyball magnets / size 5mm incl. a metal giftbox