216x5mm Orange Buckyballs Neocube Magnetic Balls Toys


Buckyballs is a new amazing puzzle toy for kids and adults - a buckyball set includes 216 magnet balls, these balls are ideal for forming into an endless number of 2D and 3D objects. Transform the Balls from a neocube into a snowflake or a crown or.... Or relax and explore your creativity, create your own objects. Buy more buckyballs in a bulk quantity or buy some other colorfull neocubes to make large patterns, shapes. Not specific how to build it? No Problem look on our trick site to see step-by-step guidelines for a number of designs. Did you create a masterpiece?

Orange Buckyballs (NeoCube) Feature

  • Size of these Balls: 5mm / magnetic Grade: N35 (The best diameter and grade to get the best results if you play with them)
  • Our BuckyBall are high quality - all was made with three coats of metal (nickel-copper-lightgreen)
  • All our NeoCube have passed the SGS product test - so it’s a safe product

This Buckyball Orange Package contents

  • 1x Set of 216 Orange buckyball magnets / size 5mm incl. a metalbox