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216x5mm Silver Buckyballs Neocube Magnetic Balls Toys

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Purchase an inspiring super strength toy for you and your family - a novel magnet buckyball (silver), this kind of magnet balls are based on our white buckyball model, you can use it as a magnet ball constructions puzzle  with billions of solutions, recreated and created outrageous numbers of shapes and patterns. You will see, with this amazing buckyball, you experiencing a lot of hours full of fun and entertainment. Please note, this powerful magnet ball has a good protection - three coats of solid metal (nickel-copper-silver) do safe  your buckyball.

Hint: Expand the game fun with buckyballs (neocube) and combine it easy and simple with other bucky magnets from us, for example silver and blue buckyball magnets looks amazing!

Features of our Buckyball (NeoCube) silver

  • Size of this Buckyballs (Neocube): 5mm / Magnet Grade: N35 (The ideal combination of diameter and grade to have a pleasurable game play)
  • Extensible NeoCube - you can combine it with other bucky ball magnets - get more than thousands of options, break the borders of dullness - dare and experiment!
  • Standardly all our Bucky Ball Sets have passed the SGS-Test for product safety

This Buckyball Package contents

  • 1x Set of 216pcs of buckyball magnets / size 5mm including a metal box