36pc 4mm x 24mm Silver Buckybars Magnets Bars Rods + 27pc Steel Balls Plastic Box Packed

Get the new impressive puzzle toy! Get an Buckybar silver (part of the buckyball family), with this new generation of magnetic toy,you will have a lot of fun. Break the borders and get imagine. Experience the millions of option - build different 2D and 3D Objects in combination with our classic bucky balls. It’s not hard to handle your own NeoCube. All our Buckyballs / Buckybars are made with neodymium an earth magnet commodity. Have many hours of fun with this amazing desktoy.
Type: Rod Magnets
Color: silver
Material: Neodymium Nickel Coated Magnets
Magnetic Rating: N35
Magnetic force: 4000 gauss
Remanence: 1.21 (T)
Operating temperature: 80°C
Magnetic induction coercivity (min) 10.8 KOe 860 KA / M
Intrinsic coercivity (min) 12 KOe 960 KA / M
The maximum energy product (range) 33 to 37 MGOe 263 of 295 KJ/m3
Material density of 7.5
27pcs Free BuckyBalls (single magnetic buckyballs) would come with the magnet rod!
Notice: The 8mm Bucky Balls are not magnetic! They are only a normal balls! 
Package Contents
  • 36pcs of silver Round Magnetic Rod (4mm x 24mm)
  • 27pcs of 8mm Bucky Balls (not magnetic)
  • 1x Plastic Gift Box