5mm x 216 White Buckycubes Magnetic Blocks Cubes Building Toys Metal Box Packed

216 pieces 5mm x 5mm x 5mm Cube 
Rare Earth Neodymium strong fridge Magnets N35
The Buckycubes is an amazing toy like a puzzle game, but much more better than a normal kind of a puzzle game.  White Buckycubes Magnetic Blocks offers you a amazing puzzle game with thousand of solutions. You can make different patterns, shapes and many other objects (e.g. 2d/3D Objects). This magmetoc puzzle game is very cool for children (only under supervision) and adults too. Our original Buckycube Set is composed of 216 pcs individual strong bucky balls (magnetic spheres made from high quality rare neodymium). A Buckball is an amazing gift for your friends or an optimal educational tool for kids.
Size of these Balls: 5mm / magnetic Grade: N35 (The best diameter and grade to get the best results if you play with them)
Our BuckyBall are high quality - all was made with three coats of metal (nickel-copper-darkblue)
All our NeoCube have passed the SGS product test - so it’s a safe product
This Buckyball darkblue Package contents
1x Set of 216 darkblue buckyball magnets / size 5mm incl. a giftbox
Detailed information of Magnetic Building Spheres
  • Buckycubes is the future of modern puzzles
  • each of our buckycube set will comes with a little carrying case too.
  • free you imagination and create millions of different puzzles, shapes, pattern and some more.
  • Stressless Gaming without any rules!
This Buckycube white Package contents
  • 1x Set of 216  White Buckycubes Magnetic Blocksmagnets / size 5mm incl. a giftbox